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Compare Outbound Call Center Editions

Our Acarda Outbound call center software is available in two editions, Standard and Advanced. The Advanced edition includes all the features of the Standard edition along with the following extra features that give you more advanced reporting, objection handlers, campaign list management tools, and other functions to save you time managing your campaigns and outbound calling agents.

Advanced Reporting

While the Standard Edition does have some grid-based reports the Advanced Edition includes an additional 12 reports designed using the Crystal Reports designer. These reports include the following:

  • Dial List reports for Call Status, Called Response, Telephone Number Audit, and Appointments
  • Agent reports for Agent Audit, Agent Logged In Time, Calls By Agent, Agent Hourly Breakdown, and Agent Daily Breakdown
  • Campaign reports for Calls By Campaign, Calls By Day By Campaign, and Calls By Day.

Outbound Call Center Reports

Objection Handler

The Objection Handler, found only in the Advanced Edition, makes available to the agent a list of common objections or questions so the agent can quickly find the best scripted reply.

List Management Tools

In the Advanced Edition the manager has access to tools that allows them to transfer dial records and call back records to a different agent, call back records from one campaign to another, and records to another campaign based on the response of calls made.

Outbound Modify Campaigns

Agent Remote Login
While many call center configurations will have all staff, agents, calling from the same location, the Advanced Edition allows agents to be remotely located so you can have the one Acarda Outbound system setup for both on-site and off-site staff or multiple office locations. This gives you the advantage of cloud-based systems without the associated risks.
Time Zones

The time zone management in the Advanced Edition facilitates calling to multiple time zones. Data imported can include a time zone field and the Acarda Outbound server will then only send that data to agents during assigned calling periods.

Outbound Time Zones Setup

Agent View Lists

With the Advanced Edition agents can view lists of Calls Made or scheduled Call Backs and then easily retrieve that record back again by double clicking the record in the list.

Outbound Calls Made List

Multiple Campaign Layouts

Acarda Outbound allows you to have multiple campaigns and to assign different Teams of agents a campaign to call.  In the Standard Edition the layout of the Dial Card is the same for all campaigns; however, with the Advanced Edition you can set a different layout for each campaign.  This is especially desirable when campaigns hold or collect different types of data for different types of campaigns.

Import Templates

Calling lists can be imported into campaigns through a process of matching up the data in the import file to the Acarda Outbound database fields. If you have multiple lead sources you may have import files with different formats. Unique to the Advanced Edition, Import Templates allow you to define, ahead of time, how import files are to be mapped to the Acarda Outbound database fields and then later you can select the relevant Import Template to be used with a particular import file.

Global Call Backs
The Advanced Edition allows you to have global call backs across campaigns.  This means that if you are working on a new campaign but a requested call back falls due from a different campaign the Acarda Outbound Server will send it to the appropriate agent.  It also means that future call backs from all campaigns can be view in the Acarda Outbound Agent software when the agent views the future call backs list.
Contact Directory
The Advanced Edition gives you a Contacts directory to allow you to keep contact details for those telephone numbers you call regularly. This allows you to build up a call history for the contact.  For each telephone number record if you select to use the Contact Card in the agent software then Acarda Outbound will check the Contacts directory for each Dial Card number.  The Dial Card number is the telephone number in the campaign you are working on.  The Dial Card in the agent software holds the details about the telephone number for the campaign. If that telephone number is found in the Contacts directory it will display a Contact Card for it to the right of the Dial Card in the agents screen.
In addition, if your business calls contacts regularly you can keep the contact details in the Contacts directory and then make a campaign to call at the click of a button.  You can group contacts by a classification, for example assign them to a calling cycle of 1 month in the year, and then create campaigns based on the calling cycle classification.
Agent Restrictions
The Advanced Edition allows the manager to configure the agent software so that the agent must select a Response before they can edit the Dial Card data.  They can also cause the cursor to jump to a particular position in the Dial Card after a Response has been selected.  The Advanced Edition also allows the Manager to force agents to select either a Response or a Call Back option before moving to the next record.
Campaigns and Teams
Calling lists are imported to a Campaign and a Team of Agents are assigned to work on a Campaign. The Standard Edition allows up to five Campaigns and five Teams to be setup whereas the Advanced Edition has no limit to the number of Campaigns and Teams.
Agent Campaign Switching
In the Advanced Edition agents can be assigned to multiple teams and the manager can allow agents to switch between teams and therefore allowing the agent to select which campaign they will work on at a given time. This is part of our propriety TeamMax™ Team Maximizer approach to managing campaign and call assignment.
OK To Call Management
The OK To Call (OTC) feature in Acarda Outbound enables you to call telephone numbers even though they may be found on the Do Not Call list. In some case a business may be able to call a number, if they are for example a customer, or if the person has given the business permission to call.
Manager Edition Comparison Table

FeatureStandard EditionAdvanced Edition
Multiple CampaignsYesYes
Multiple TeamsYesYes
Agent TeamsOneMultiple
Team StatisticsYesYes
Real Time StatisticsYesYes
Dial List Grid-Based ReportingYesYes
Dial List reports for Call Status, Called Response,
Telephone Number Audit, and Appointments
History Grid-Based ReportingYesYes
Statistics Grid-Based ReportingYesYes
Agent reports for Agent Audit, Agent Logged In Time,
Calls By Agent, Agent Hourly Breakdown, and Agent Daily Breakdown.
Campaign reports for Calls By Campaign,
Calls By Day By Campaign, and Calls By Day.
Campaign ScriptYesYes
Call History LogYesYes
Multiple Agent Screen LayoutsNoYes
Database Status MonitorYesYes
Do Not Call ManagementYesYes
Do Not Call Number RemovalYesYes
OK To Call ManagementNoYes
Data Transfer ToolsSimpleAdvanced
Import Data AbilityYesYes
Import TemplatesNoYes
Export Data AbilityYesYes
Import Support Table DataNoYes
Contacts DirectoryNoYes
Number of CampaignsUp to 5Unlimited
Number of TeamsUp to 5Unlimited

Agent Edition Comparison Table

FeatureStandard EditionAdvanced Edition
Demand DialingYesYes
Preview DialingYesYes
Zero Dropped CallsYesYes
Remote Agents (Off Site)NoYes
TAPI DialingYesYes
3rd-Party Softphone DialingYesYes
Script WindowYesYes
Objection HandlerNoYes
Hot-Key ShortcutsYesYes
Agent View Calls MadeNoYes
Agent View Call BacksNoYes
Pop-up Web BrowserYesYes
Pop-up EmailYesYes
Force Agents ResponseNoYes
Prompt TipsNoYes
Add New Dial Record AbilityYesYes
Add New Do Not Call AbilityYesYes
Dial Record RecallYesYes

Server Edition Comparison Table

FeatureStandard EditionAdvanced Edition
Centralized DatabasesYesYes
Dialer Campaign DatabaseYesYes
Call History DatabaseYesYes
Do Not Call Database (for your DNC numbers)YesYes
OK To Call Database (for your OTC numbers)NoYes
Configuration DatabaseYesYes
Database TypesMicrosoft AccessMicrosoft Access or SQL Server
Call Back QueuingYesYes
Global Call BacksNoYes
Multiple Call Back Owner LevelsYesYes
Maintains Login/Logout HistoryYesYes
Maintains Call HistoryYesYes
Checks Do Not Call Every DialYesYes
Set Maximum Redial AttemptsYesYes
Time ZonesNoYes

Acarda Outbound Team

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